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National Struggle of Resistence by the CCC

National Struggle of Resistence by the CCC
Francaise/Journée de Lutte Contre les Barrages
Zeitgleich mit der Ausweisung eines spanischen Missionars und dem
Die erste Woche der Kampfes- und Mobilisierungstagung geht zu Ende

 By Jaime Carlson
In the Middle of the Spanish Missionary Expulsion and the Attempted Assassination of the Campesino Leader Hernández Begins The Journey to Struggle Against the Dams



On the first of June began the mobilization of the farmers from Coclé, Colón, and Panamá in Panama City after the kidnapping and attempted assassination of the Campesino Coordinator against the Dams, Francisco Hernández and the expulsion of Spanish missionary Francisco Aperador.  Aperador was working with farmers to reject the expansion of the Panama Canal, when he was expelled from the country under the accusations  that it was against public security.



The expansion of the canal, which will flood the land of some 70,000 farmers, directly related to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP)’s director, Alemán Zubieta.  Zubieta is also owner of CUSA, a large construction company in the USA, which wishes to take part in the expansion, by means of the Free Trade Agreement.



The accusation exists that the expulsion order of the Spanish missionary came directly from Ramiro Yarvis and the US security nomenclature.   Despite the fact that the US could not try the accusation, Aparador was expelled from the country. 



The kidnapping and assassination attempt on Leader Hernandez initiated the Campesino Mobilization on the 30th of May.  On the 30th of May, at 9 o’clock in the morning, Francisco Hernandez, the leader of the Rio Indio sector and Campesino Coordinator against the Dams (CCCE) was attacked in Chorrera, Panamá by two subjects that brutally hit him until he was left unconscious. He was  the thrown in the middle of a reed bed located in the Ocú district, Herrera Province, savagely beaten and half-nude.   The Leader remained unconscious for more than 35 hours and until he regained consciousness at approximately 8 o’clock at night on Tuesday June 31



The United States and European Union can not hide their intention to enlarge the best conditions in order for their companies to participate in this multimillion dollar project and the possibility that Panama will favors the US with preferential access to the canal, through the future Free Trade Agreement.   Many Europeans worry that the agreement will put Panama in the power of the north. 



Inspite of the state pressures, the leaders of the CCCE refuse to give up the struggle, and will carry forward with the mobilization that already began on June 1st in the Panama City. 


PANAMARED - Agencia Noticiosa

PANAMARED- News Agency

Information about the Panamanian Social Movement

Información del Movimiento Social Panameño -




National Struggle of Resistence by the CCCE 



The Dignity Campaign

(Crónica 8, 24 de junio de 2004).


 Today, Thursday June 24th, the organized campesinos of the Campesino Coordination against Dams (CCCE), to be evacuated from their land, in order to flood the area for the canal expansion project being promoted by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), completed 25 days of the Dignity Campaign, set up in the Legislative Park in Panama City. 



Consolidate the struggle, Share in Solidarity, Construct Hope

June 16th


The Campesino Coordinator Against Dams’ decision to prolong its presence in the city continues fruitfully in resisting the plans and ill-intentioned actions of “The Big Ones”.  In this chronology, we recount some of these deeds (Continue Here)


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TRINIDAD llega a la ciudad. (Lunes, 14 de junio)

Trinidad arrives to the city.  (Tuesday, June 14th)



The campesinos of the Cirí Grande sector handed over downtown Vicentino and the Dignity Campaign to the campesinos of the Trinidad sector that arrived to the city, yesterday June 14th.  Two companions of Cirí Grande will be accompanying the new sector until Wednesday, to share in the experience of the downtown operation and camp.  (Continue Here)




Yes to Life, No to Flooding: Going on 15 days in the City


This Tuesday, June 14th, members of the farmer communities threatened to be dislocated from their lands, completed fifteen days in the Journey to struggle, mobilize, and resist in Panama City.  The farmers are looking for solidarity in the city and denounce the threats of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), who are threatening to dislocate them from their lands in order to flood them. 



Completing the first week of the Struggle and Mobilization



Today completes the first week of the “The struggle and mobilization”, that maintains the Campesino Coordinator against Dams in Panama City.  As expected, today, the Cirí Grande sector should arrive to Panama City.



Day four in the City, Thursday, June 3rd


The farmers, representatives of the communities threatened by the illegitimate Law 44, pushed through in the legislative assembly by the ACP on August 31, 1999, completed their fourth day in the “Dignity and Justice Camp” in Legislative Park, Panama City.



The first night at the camp, Tuesday, June 1st.



10 companions held a vigil all night and early morning in Legislative Park, where they lifted the awning that shelters them from the sun, rain, and dew.   The rest of the men, woman, and children, passed the night in the church center, that has opened its doors to them in Panama City, in the antique Los Vicentinos high school, to the side of San Vicente de Paúl Parish and very close to the Legislative assembly.   (Continue Here)


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They attempt to assassinate Francisco Hernandez


The first day of the Struggle and Mobilization organized by the Campesino Coordinator against Dams, the worry and the anxiety marked the Rio Indio delegation’s thought to arrive to Legislative Park, because Francisco Hernandez, who coordinated the logistics for his arrival to the city didn’t appear as agreed to.  Then a telephone call on the night of May 31st, awoke the unknowning with the information (Continue Here)


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